Power and Distribution Transformer

Our prominence in this industry enables us to provide clients with efficient Power and Distribution Transformer. We manufacture Power and Distribution Transformer with utmost precision to achieve impeccability. Conforming to the defined parameters of the IS: 6600, Power and Distribution Transformer can be operated at an output in excess of the normal rating.

Types of Power & Distribution Transformers that we offer
  • Induction/Arc furnace transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Dual ratio transformers
  • Testing transformers
  • Dry type transformers

Salient Features
  • Most advanced design
  • Unmatched performance
  • Zero defect
  • Compact, robust low losses
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Capable to withstand jerking load
  • Better power factor

Terminals, Accessories & Fittings
  • Conservator
  • Silicagel breather
  • Oil circuit tap changer
  • Oil level guage
  • HV bushings
  • LV bushings
  • Air release plug
  • Lifting lugs
  • Rating & diagram plates
  • Radiators
  • Base channel with rollers
  • Earthing terminals
  • Explosion vent
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Drain valve

Additional Accessories
  • LV and HV cable end boxes
  • Disconnecting chamber
  • Buchholz relay
  • Oil temperature indicator
  • Winding temperature indicator
  • Magnetic oil level guage
  • Marchalling box
  • RTCC for OLTC
  • AVR for OLTC
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Flexible air cell for oil conservator

Design & Constructional Features
  • Core
  • Windings/coils
  • Core oil assembly
  • Tanks, radiators and painting
  • Oil testing